U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 will miss Australia but 2018 could be our year



U2 Australia has received private messages from fan sites (which want to remain anonymous) saying U2 will tour Down Under in November 2018. 

While this has not been officially confirmed by the band, the information comes from sites that have been correct with U2 rumours in the past. 

One of the fan sites also said this leg of the tour will include dates in New Zealand and Japan. 

As always, don’t book flights or accommodation until word is official. 

UPDATE, JUNE 1, 2017

Herald Sun journalist Nui Te Koha told TripleM Hot Breakfast U2 will bring the Joshua Tree anniversary tour to Australia during the first quarter of 2018.

The plan is to do a tribute to Greg Carroll in New Zealand, and they will tour here too.

JANUARY 10, 2017

UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock buried 25km underneath the surface of Mars, you would have heard U2 has announced a tour of the US and Europe to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree this year.

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 is a 24-date stadium outing that began on May 12.

The tour, of course, was greeted joyfully by those in the northern hemisphere.

But in Australia, some fans expressed disappointment at being left off the tour radar.tour-reaction

The original Joshua Tree tour of the 1980s also didn’t make it to our shores, being shelved twice. Instead, we got the Lovetown Tour, making Australia and New Zealand the envy of the world.

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Thirty years on and it’s a case of de ja vu.

We have heard from a number of sources that U2 will make the trek Down Under in 2018. Just rumours, but that does seem to be likely given what The Edge told Rolling Stone.

Donald Trump’s election victory in the US changed the touring itinerary because the band found themes of The Joshua Tree had come “full circle”. The world has changed and it makes sense to take those songs on the road.

It also means the release of the anticipated Songs of Experience album was delayed, with the release confirmed for December 1.

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2 thoughts on “U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 will miss Australia but 2018 could be our year

  1. First of all it’s very disappointing that U2 have left Australia out of their Joshua Tree Tour .I have been a U2 subscriber since 1990 & currently have a tour code to see the tour but of course I don’t have that sort of money.
    I was waiting for Songs of Experience in the later part of 2016 & then U2 posted the Christmas message about the Joshua Tree /Songs of Experience.My thoughts and gut feeling is once Songs of Experience is released they will tour here but not till 2018.
    On the 2010 360 Tour Bono said after they played “Streets” thanks for sticking with us well I am going to stick with U2 they will return.Remember what happened in 2006 on the Vertigo Tour they rescheduled because of edge’s family members was ill.I went to the ist & 2nd nights in Sydney it was Awesome! & the Edge was on fire! U2 love Australia don’t loose faith!


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