Around the age of 12, Sandro Olivo heard U2’s Angel of Harlem on radio station Triple M.

The lyric “An empty glass, the lady sings, eyes swollen like a bee sting” got his attention, and the more that U2 songs electrified the airwaves, the more he was hooked.

A high school friend made him a mixed cassette of Under a Blood Red Sky and Rattle and Hum songs, and so began and infatuation with the band.

This blog mainly deals with any U2 links to Australia, but is happy to step outside that boundary from time to time.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, email Sandro at U2australia@hotmail.com or contact him via Facebook or Twitter @U2_australia

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  1. Love it old mate. I was there, a joyous show amid heartache … They were trying to merge the Dogs with Fitzroy. Mark Stevens


  2. I’m just leaving LA now on the way back home to Melbourne after having seen the greatest band in the world (U2) live in Santa Clara and 2 nights at the Rose Bowl. Absolutely amazing – hearing A Sort of Home Coming, Red Hill, Exit etc was pure joy. They were heaps of Aussies in the crowd who made the trip over to the States to be at the Rose Bowl – the one’s near me went crazy like I did. I’m preying that U2 come to Oz in Feb 2018, however there is a big rumor that U2 are taking the JT Tour to South America in October 2017 with an announcement within the next 2 – 3 weeks supposedly. If that occurs, maybe the JT will come to Oz before christmas 2017.

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