Me & U2 – Michael Cavallaro

This is the 1st in the series of Me & U2 where U2 Down Under finds out more about the band’s Australian fans.

Michael Cavallaro 2
Michael Cavallaro as Bono in The U2 Show – Achtung Baby.

Name: Michael Cavallaro

City: Melbourne, Australia

When did you become a U2 fan?
Probably the first time I took an interest in U2 would have been when I saw the video for New Year’s Day, around 1984/85. But I really started to get into them when I first got a copy of The Joshua Tree, which would have probably been around 1991.

Why did you become a U2 fan?
I loved their songs. They kind of sounded different at the time to most of the other songs I’d been hearing on Australian radio. I think I was simply struck by their sound.

How long have you been in The U2 Show – Achtung Baby?
I’ve been in the band since day one, 2003.

How did you get involved?
Our guitarist Peter Kalamaras had originally started the band. He recruited our bass player Dave (Attard) through a Melbands advert. I also just happened to go to school with Dave. So while looking for a singer, Dave suggested to Peter having me try out for the band. And that’s how I joined the band. Also, after having a few drummers try out for the spot we settled on giving Craig (Jupp) the gig, on one condition though – Craig has been to the Larry Mullen Jr house where U2 started and was on speaking terms with Larry Mullen Sr. He was only meant to get the gig if he showed us his video footage of the kitchen where it all started. Once he showed us that, how could we not give him the job? And he does it so well.

Where did you get your The Fly stage outfit?
It was custom made. All my costumes are custom made by a great dress maker. One thing I can say is that it takes hours and hours of scouring through photos of Bono costumes to pick up details that most people won’t notice. And to find the exact shiny leather, that was another challenge in itself. I actually had it imported from Japan.

Does it come in XXL? Wouldn’t mind getting one myself.
It could lol.

One of The U2 Show – Achtung Baby band members has met one of the original four. Tell me about that experience.
Craig our drummer met Bono during the Melbourne leg of the Vertigo Tour in 2005. It was outside of the hotel that the band were staying at. He also told Bono about our U2 show and apparently he seemed pleasantly interested.

How many U2 gigs have you seen?
Zoomerang 1993
Vertigo 2006, both Melbourne shows
360 Tour 2010, both Melbourne shows

Of all the U2 shows you’ve seen, which one would you love to see again? Why?
Zoomerang! It’s where U2’s stadium rock show began. And at the time, who was to know that they were setting the standard for what most stadium rock shows would be doing even 20-plus years into the future?. They were mind blowing times for U2.

Favourite U2 song?
One. Remember when it was released? Ed’s note: (March 6, 1992)

Michael Cavallaro
Michael as himself.

Favourite U2 song to sing?
Where the Streets Have No Name. The crowd usually goes nuts when we break into this one.

Favourite U2 album?
Achtung Baby. I just remember being blown away when I first heard The Fly. It was like: “What the hell is going on with Bono’s vocal?”. It is such a defining album. When you think of the 1990s, how can you not think of that album?

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