U2 Triple M full interview – October 21, 1989

I still remember recording this interview on a cassette.

The early hours of October 21, 1989, and I was worried I’d run out of tape, so pressed pause whenever a non-U2 song was played.

The tape survived, but does skip in some parts, but you won’t miss much.

As the title suggests, U2 were interviewed by Rob Duckworth on Triple M after their October 20 show in Sydney during the Lovetown Tour of 1989.

It’s quite a loose interview, the band are relaxed, but you’ll notice Bono’s voice sounds a bit off. Little was anyone to know that after this interview, U2 had to cancel shows due to Bono losing his voice. You can actually hear him coughing and blowing his nose at one point.

The interview has many interesting moments, including:

  • The debut of Slow Dancing. Bono plays guitar and sings the then unfinished song. Who did he write it for? Listen and you’ll find out.
  • They have a funny look back at how the band formed.
  • Bono reveals what he really thought of B-side Everlasting Love.
  • Bono is asked by a listener to give advice for young bands.

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