U2 fans unite: film maker wants to make a movie about you


DAVID Barry has many titles, from film producer to musical storyteller and everything in between.
But like you and me, one of his proudest is “fanatical U2 fan”.
And it’s this last title that has inspired him to launch a fundraising campaign to make a film about U2 fans around the globe.
Barry, from Hawaii, is determined to make a movie about U2 fans, but he needs our help.
He has already produced eight feature-length documentaries, which you can watch here.
And remember to save the date of February 12.
Here’s Barry’s story and how you can get involved.

Firstly, can you give us Australian U2 fans a synopsis of your project and what you’re trying to achieve?
Hello to my fellow U2 fans in Australia. I am so happy to have this opportunity to tell you all about a film I want to make about us, the U2 tribe. It will be called Dream Out Loud: Inside The City of Blinding Lights. This film will explore the extraordinary connection that U2 fans share with the music, the band and each other.
U2 fans are a unique group of people. Fans have met spouses because of their shared fandom and life long friendships have been created with each other. U2 fans have taken part in Amnesty International, One, Music Rising, Stronger Than Fear and even built wells in Africa, and all of these actions were born from the experience of being a U2 fan.
I want us to collectively tell our story. Stories about what the music means to us, favorite moments at concerts, interactions with the band and each other, and so much more. I want to include fans that saw the band in their earliest days through to the fans that are just beginning their U2 journey. I want to interview more than 100 fans for this film, at stops along the Joshua Tree tour this summer, but I also want to include fans from Brazil, Mexico and Australia.
I want to make a professional film that we can submit to Netflix and Amazon, as well as film festivals around the world. I want us to make a very high quality film that the fans truly deserve. To achieve this we need to raise at least $40,000 and we have a campaign on Kickstarter to do this. You can check it out and make a donation here.

What would you like to know from Australian fans?
I want Australian fans to know that you have not been forgotten about. Your stories are an important part of this film, and so I need to hear from you. Share your stories with us on our Facebook page Dream Out Loud Film. If we raise enough funds, I would like to come to Australia to meet you and film interviews to capture your stories.

You’re also keen to actually come to Australia and film some interviews with fans for your documentary. What needs to happen for you to fly out here?
If we get to our goal we will make this film, and then no matter what I will include Australian fans stories. I plan to arrange a local film crew to film the interviews and send it to me, but I really would like to get there to see you guys personally, and to do that we have to raise more than the goal. We would have to raise closer to $60,000 which would include more cities in Europe and also Australia. Basically the more we can raise, the more I will shoot.

How did you become a U2 fan?
I first became a U2 fan when I saw Gloria on MTV. I was hooked. I first saw the band live on the first Joshua Tree tour in 1987, and after that I was forever changed, and they have been the soundtrack of my life ever since.

Why are you still passionate about the band?
Because their music resonates with me, the stories they sing about in their new albums still reflects the themes in my life. I believe in the power of their music. I know how it’s changed me, and I know it will continue to do that.

How do U2 fans differ from followers of other groups?
U2 fans are a unique group of people. We come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, but we share that same common thread, the hope we feel when we hear the music. U2 has dared us to Dream Out Loud and we have been doing that with them for decades now, and we will continue to do that beyond the last note they ever play. We support their initiatives, their causes, and we support each others’ as well. There are no better fans than U2 fans.

Is there anything I’ve missed that you’d like me to mention?
A couple of things – first, this is not for concert tickets. We are raising funds to make this film. No funds from this will be used for concert tickets.
I created a document to explain the budget and walk fans through the process of making a feature length documentary and funding it on Kickstarter. This is a completely transparent process and you can check that out here.
On February 12 we are going to push to try and meet our goal by calling for a Dream Out Loud Day. We will be working in conjunction with U2 Fans Tour site and Facebook group to ask U2 fans from around the world to back the campaign to make this film with $10.
If even a small percentage of U2 fans were to do that, we will make our goal. We are going to build a page on the U2 Fans Tour website that will be a Dream Out Loud Wall of Honor, and everyone who supports the film will forever be listed on that page. We will also be designing some other unique things to make Dream Out Loud Day something to remember. We have great rewards and incentives to say thank you for your support. I am ready to go to make a historic film about U2 fans, but I cannot do it alone.
I really need your support in the campaign. Please back us if you can. You can also help by sharing our campaign and our Facebook page with as many people as you can. We cannot do this without the support of fellow U2 fans just like you and me. Together, we can Dream Out Loud and show the world how unique and special U2 fans are.

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