New U2 song played loud from Bono’s holiday home in Eze, France

UPDATE #4: audio of the new track has resurfaced. Check out the lyrics and help fill in the blanks

UPDATE 3: videos of the Kygo performance have been removed from youtube. Hopefully the song is released through official channels soon.

UPDATE #2: Norwegian DJ Kygo has just played this new song, a collaboration between him and Bono it seems, at a live show. Click here and listen to the whole track

UPDATE: links to the videos containing audio of the new song have since been taken down.

AUGUST is the month of summer holidays and, it seems, leaking U2 songs in the south of France.

Whether unintentional or a clever marketing ploy, a never-heard-before song bathed in the unmistakable U2 sound was pumped at high volume from Bono’s holiday house in the beach town of Eze, with a lucky beach goer having the forethought to pull out a mobile, start recording, and give us all the scoop.

AUDIO: listen to the snippets here

The two videos, which last no more than a minute each, give us different parts of the same song. While it’s difficult to cut through the din of beach waves, cicadas, and a barking dog, you can clearly make out Bono gliding over a heavy bass laden track.

It has a dance swing to it, and while it’s very difficult to make out any of The Edge’s signature sounds, you can (if you’re wearing noise cancelling headphones) make out a string section.

The track has that joyous U2 quality, uplifting, emotional, and the few lyrics that you can make out puts this one pretty much in the love-song-for-Ali sphere.

…but that’s another great thing about me
I’ve got everything, but I feel like nothing at all
Got a golden ring, and a reason not to fall
You’re the best thing about me
The best thing that ever happened (oh boy?)
You’re the best thing about me…

( If you can decipher any other lyrics, or can correct what we have here, please send me a PM at the U2 Australia Facebook page)

Now, if you can cast your mind back to August 2008, Bono was again at his house in Eze ‘leaking’ songs from what would be No Line on the Horizon . The album was released in February the following year.

Must be something in that French air in the month of August. I just hope we aren’t waiting six months for Songs of Experience to be released.

Following the uploading of these two snippets, here’s 8 things U2 fans around the world would like to know:

  1. What is the song’s title?
  2. Will the rest of the album have a similar feel?
  3. Was it actually Bono giving the songs a thrashing?
  4. If so, was he playing them to anyone else? (You do hear a “woo hoo” at the end of one clip, but that might have been from a beach goer)
  5. What brand is that serious stereo system?
  6. Was this an inadvertent leak, or a clever little ploy to give us all a mouth-watering taste of what to expect?
  7. Will this song even end up on the new album? Maybe we’re being thrown off the scent.
  8. Can Adam Clayton’s bass line sound any sexier?

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