Bono calls producer Steve Lillywhite to mix new U2 single

Renowned producer Steve Lillywhite has mixed U2’s next single.

IN FOOTBALL parlance, Steve Lillywhite is a finisher, in much the same mould as a Gabriel Batistuta or Ronaldo (the Brazilian one).

The producer, who has worked on many of U2’s albums, has a reputation for being called in by the Irish supergroup to finish off months or years worth of work in the studio.

So when Lillywhite told a music conference in Singapore today that Bono had called him to come in and mix the new U2 single, it’s fair to assume we’re gonna get a new tune through official channels soon.

Alan Cross, writer for A Journal of Musical Things, reported the following after the conference:

Steve had better hang on tight to his phone while he’s here in Singapore. He told everyone during a keynote address that Bono had given him a ring and asked if he’d have a go at mixing the new U2 single. That mix is on his phone.

Oh what I’d give to have that phone for just a few minutes.

While there is no confirmation on the title of the track or its release date, the band’s 40th anniversary on September 25 seems like a pretty good date to release something new.

Here’s hoping.

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